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The Blue-Collar Tribe Podcast is your one-stop shop for ALL things blue-collar. Blue-Collar Tribe Podcast was developed to give you a voice. Of course, every trade considers itself the best, but as I have learned, if you disregard one, you disregard them all. 

Blue-Collar Tribe Podcast is for everyone who works in the trades, our families who support us during our long shifts, and the workers and owners in the blue-collar business. 

I am sure that the Blue-Collar Tribe is what keeps everything moving. So here are some things you can anticipate from listening each week. Learn from the manufacturers themselves about the newest tools. Then, take a deep dive into business ownership, from the beginning to having been in operation for over 30 years.

Get Special “SPLASH” discounts on the equipment YOU need to be competitive.Tales from the job sites: You’ll hear from people in all trades as they share their own job site tales that will make you laugh and utter the phrase “OMG,” but you’ll also have the chance to share your own tales. 

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