Blue Color Tribe


Our coaching podcasts are loaded with information regarding trading history, new trends, tools, technology, and tactics will help you become a good trade one day at a time. 

Blue-Collar Tribe Podcast coaching consists of a series of sessions.The sessions are conducted by master blue collar traders. The coaching sessions are tailor made to improve your knowledge and skill of the blue collar trades. 

You can use our blue collar skilled coaching at your own pace.

You can tune in to Blue-Collar Tribe Podcast coaching sessions weekly on Spotify, IHeartRadio, Apple radio, and Podbean. The coaching podcasts usually last an hour and cover the various components of Blue collar trades.

You will have access to our Blue-Collar Tribe Podcast coaching presentation which will help to learn the tips and tricks to blue-collar trading.

Blue-Collar Tribe Podcast’s ultimate objective is for you to quickly develop into a skilled blue collar trades worker.

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